The Story

The Bible tells us to look to nature for proof of God. Romans 1:20. So let’s look. Each and every teensy bit of matter contains cells, atoms, and ions. The universe is made up of laws such as gravity and thermodynamics. One human body alone contains multiple systems, such as the skeletal system, the lymphatic system, the immune system, the digestive system, the nervous system, and that’s just to name a few; and there are billions of those in existence. We exist on a planet that is perfectly situated between the sun and the moon. Were we any closer to the sun, we would burn, and any farther we would freeze. Were the moon to alter, our tides would be too drastic. We just happen to live on a planet where the things that the human body require to survive don’t just exist, but are taken for granted- oxygen, water, and food. So yes, I believe God is real.

What more is there really to know? Having been convinced of His existence, what else would I choose but to embrace Him with my all? Challenge your faith. Make the decision to not only jump, but to leap; to not only swim, but to plunge; to not climb just hills, but mountains. Why settle for less? I don’t want to just think God is real; I want to know it. I am not satisfied with a Christianity that doesn’t stand against the vileness, filth, and ugliness of this world; that cannot hold its own when beaten down by hatred or mockery.  I want to have such a relationship with Him, so many physical, emotional, and spiritual interactions with Him, that there is absolutely no question, for me or anyone else, that He is real and at work in my life. Here’s to growth, to leaps, to victory.

God is deeper than any plunge. Faith is harder than any challenge.Love is more glorious than any other experience.




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