When I’m not doing the Breaking

In Psalms 34:18 it says that “the Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit.” But what if you’re not the one doing the breaking? What if that broken heart came from someone you loved? Had someone asked me that as a teenager, I would have easily answered, “Just go love someone else.” But that wouldn’t be love would it? Not only am I not supposed to render evil for evil, but it goes much farther than that.

                                                                          It’s my mission field.

There will never be a single person on this earth that will not disappoint me. And yet, I am to love them with the love of Christ. The more acquainted I become with that love, the harder it is for me to choose to love others with that same love. Why? Because I know it will hurt me. It will break my heart. Because they are all sinners, who all fail, and will all fail me. And yet, do we not do the same thing to our Lord? Each and every day? But He still went through with it. He still poured Himself out on that cross, and He still gives of it freely to me every day, in spite of the fact that I often return a kiss with a blow, an endearment with a curse, and a smile with a frown. How can I help but cling even harder to one who is so amazingly gracious, so consistently and faithfully kind? Knowing that He does that for me enables me to do likewise to others, regardless of the pain they inflict. Will it still break me? Yes.


I was listening to a song, after being broken yet again, and I caught at the words as if they were meant just for me; it started out with: “Everyone is broken, and in need of a Savior…” and in the chorus it says “Welcome to the River of God, where your brokenness is washed away.”  And I always before thought as I did with the verse I mentioned earlier, that I was the one doing the breaking, humbling myself before God. But this time , as I nursed my wounded spirit, I thought, “What if I’m not the one doing the breaking?” The answer is the same—where your brokenness is washed away. It doesn’t matter that they hurt me. In God I need feel no pain or hurt. He is the ultimate friend and love that I could ever need. The wounds of a person here cannot but be made small and insignificant in the shadow of the enormity of who He is.  Do not be afraid to love them. That is what God has given us to do. We cannot reach them without the consistent love that is a reflection of His love to us. And when you are weary, or hurt, or broken in the depths of your soul, when you ache from your heart being trampled, give it to the One who can simply dip you in His grace and bring you out again whole. Do not let Satan have triumph over you, don’t let him win, by recoiling with hatred or bitterness when your love is undervalued.  You do not love them for them, but for the One who loves you more than they ever could.


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