This is My Ground

When reading the Sower and the Seed parable, do you ever think of that seed and that ground being your own family? Always before when I would read it, I would read it from the view point of a mission field, and that those people were as yet unknown to me. But what if that ground is your child, your husband, your mother, or brother? What happens when it becomes personal? How can you be actively aiding the Lord in His work in their lives? All of a sudden, it’s not so objective. Now it matters to me. Am I doing everything I can to make sure that seed is nurtured within them? Oftentimes I find I’m not. In fact, I might be helping the very things that may prevent my children from accepting that seed, or helping my husband or my brother fall away from what they know is right.

How ‘bout those weeds? Do we allow weeds in our lives that will choke out the seeds planted in our children? There might be weeds (sins) that you think aren’t really all that bad, because you can handle them, or they’re not a difficult temptation for you. But what about those smaller, weaker plants? What might not be all that difficult for you to ‘handle’ might be the very thing that keeps them from accepting Christ. Or it might eventually overpower and choke out the faith that was starting to grow there. Or what if it is a weed that you are attached to? Well, we just won’t call it a weed. I can call it a wildflower. It has its own odd, twisted kind of beauty. Yes, it’s a wildflower. Will you blind yourself to the effect that it has on your little ones? Or are you willing to get on your hands and knees and endure a little discomfort to dig them out, even if it means uprooting a little of your own ground?

Now you can do all the weeding you please, but without sunshine, those seeds still will not grow. What are you doing to ensure that those baby plants are getting some sunlight? Are you helping the source of love and joy and peace to reach them, or are you overshadowing them with your own negativity? They also need to have soft hearts—are you helping to till the ground even though it means disturbing their soil?

What about that devil? The Bible gives the analogy of birds coming and eating the seed. Are you doing everything you can to drive that seed deeper into that earth that you care for? He will try to take it from them. If you love them, plant your heel on that seed and drive it down as far as you can….bury it deep. How can you as a parent, as a wife, husband, daughter, son, or sister give them greater exposure to that seed, the Word of God? I find that when I think of it in this way, in a personal way, that it is no longer just a field of flowers. It is my battlefield. And I will fight for those I love, for their souls. This life is not a game, although it has its pleasures and enjoyments. Most plants I know like being well-watered and soaking in the sun. But they can only enjoy those things if we take the time to nurture and protect them. How are you helping someone thrive today?


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