The Little Things


In my personal devotions, I’ve been reading in Genesis, and I recently came across Noah’s story. It’s been so long since I read through from the beginning of the Bible, and I was worried (silliness, I know) that it was going to seem like old news. I’ve read this a hundred times, yada yada yada…..and of course, God opened my eyes to more truth than I’ve ever seen in the book of Genesis. Now this specific time in Noah’s life is very interesting to me. In Genesis chapter six, it says that Noah obeyed God when He told him to build an ark, and that He was going to destroy the earth with a flood. There’s no record of any hesitation. Why is that?
I believe it’s because Noah already had such a relationship with God, that he not only knew God’s voice when He spoke to him, but he knew he could trust God with the consequences of his obedience. Do you ever worry about doing the right thing? That it’s not going to turn out so great for you? Noah must have realized that he would probably be mocked and ridiculed. For the record, though I’ve heard it preached, it’s not in the Bible, but it’s certainly logical. Did he have faith enough in God to believe that this flood was going to happen? Apparently so. How does that work?

I think the Bible gives other examples that can answer that. David defeating Goliath is a good comparison to the Flood when it comes to miracles. How did David know that God would come through for him? Have a look in 1 Samuel 17:34-37. David says that because God delivered him from a lion and a bear, he knew God could and would do likewise with Goliath.

When I was growing up, and people would teach about being faithful in the little things, and by doing so God would give you bigger things, they never really said what those bigger things might be. As a child I assumed they were talking about money or possessions, since that is the example or parable that Jesus tells. What wasn’t explained was that those ‘bigger things’ were going to be God’s miracles that I get to be a part of. And it’s by trusting Him during the small prayers and trials and frustrations, that when He calls on me to participate in the miraculous, I have enough faith in Him to rely on Him and His Spirit to give me courage in the face of opposition, and joy in the times of loneliness or frustration. By all means this principle does apply to our finances and the other physical things that God has entrusted to us, and there are passages that do speak specifically to that (Luke 16), but I would encourage you to get to know your God a little more each day. Truly seek Him with all your heart, and the more you get to know Him, the easier it will be to not only trust Him with your day to day circumstances, but even to launch out in search of the miraculous, that ordinarily in our flesh we would shrink from. The more you see Him come through for you in your prayers and sustain you in your times of need, the easier it will be for you to agree when He calls on you to do something amazing!


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