Marriage Doesn’t Matter


This world has taught us that finding a partner in love is one of the ultimate goals of life. I agree with this, but not in the way this world thinks. Our ultimate partner in love is God, and He’s the only One who can be the fulfillment of all our dreams and desires. I recently read a blog post by a guy who I’ve come to respect highly through his writing, but who I don’t agree with when it comes to a marriage partner. He says on his blog that God leaves the choice of spouse up to us; that as long as it’s a godly person God doesn’t care. I won’t go into all of the ways I disagree with this from a Biblical standpoint, since I have before in this post; God wants you to include Him. He wants you to ask Him for the answers. But what bothered me the most was his emphasis on marrying at all.

He thought it was foolish for Christian people to be waiting to find someone. Now I do agree that marriage is a good thing. But ultimately when it comes to your life, Marriage doesn’t matter. Could it be part of God’s plan for you? Certainly. Does it end up being part of God’s plan for most people? Yes. But what matters, what life is really all about, is your relationship with God. Seeking Him. Abiding in Him. Marriage is wonderful, loving a man is wonderful, but it is a two-edged sword. While it can help you grow, it can also take up your time and distract you from focusing on God. And when you add in kids! That’s a whole different ball field. It’s HARD.gofind

Are you single? Save up and go on a mission’s trip. Then go on another one.

There are many ways to love and be loved.

The two greatest commandments are to love God, and love others. So instead of focusing on who’s pouring love into you, go find that One who already has and pour yourself out for Him, and for others. We were made to crave not just love, but HIS love. There is more to life than what another human can give you.

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