Joy in the Trivial


It has taken me a very long time to reach this point. Five years, to be exact. Where exactly have I arrived, you might ask? Joy. In homemaking. What? I wasn’t there before? Nope. Oh, sure, I felt the thrills of having babies. I get sappy when I see them sleeping. I love feeling their squishy pudgy fingers tucked into mine. But homemaking, the actual work of homemaking has always simply been a chore. And when that is the majority of your time, then life seems pretty drab. For a long time that work was simply what I had to get out of the way in order to get to the good part. I grew up with the experience that housework was a necessary evil, and most of the time it didn’t get completely done unless someone was coming over to our house. When I got married and it was just me and the hubs, it wasn’t a big deal; I had all kinds of time on my hands. But add in three babies over three years, and it seemed like (and still does, often enough) The Neverending Story. Just writing this opening paragraph has already sapped some of my new-found joy, haha. But I’m about to bring it all back by telling you how I found it to begin with.

It’s been hard coming to terms with knowing that this is going to be the majority of my life’s work. These menial, mundane, trivial tasks that never seem done, and when they are done, last for maybe five minutes afterward. I was a very ambitious teenager. I still am an ambitious adult. While I have known from the time I first gave birth to my oldest that housework is a beautiful way to serve the needs of others, and in so doing serve Christ, it didn’t necessarily mean that I would enjoy doing it. Let’s get it overwith.

The joy came this past week.

When I realized that when doing housework I am partnering with the God of the universe to keep filth at bay. 

That’s right. Ba-BAM. I really am being Supermom. Seriously though, aren’t you glad God doesn’t consider cleaning US trivial? Every day God cleans up our messes. Every day He polishes our faults away a little more. Moment by moment he’s patiently washing the dishes, pausing to wipe away tears when we complain because he told us we have to wait for our toys. But no, it’s even more than that, deeper. Dear fellow Mom, what would your house look like if you never cleaned it? I wager it would look pretty close to some of those houses on Hoarders. If it weren’t for the consistent clearing away of dirt, spilled juice, used plates, and leftover garbage, shoot even just accumulating dust, your house would be positively disgusting. And if God didn’t do that for your heart, so would your life be. Can you imagine how much worse this world would be if God wasn’t constantly cleaning it?

miraculouscleanWhen I am cleaning my house, I’m not just cleaning up after kids.

I’m setting the stage for the miraculous.

That’s what God’s doing when we let Him clean us. He’s setting the scene for our lives to be something amazing. To do His glorious work that He wouldn’t be able to do if we cluttered ourselves up with petty sins and selfish desires. When I keep a clean home I am creating an opportunity for love to flow freely, for happiness to be limitless, and for comfort to embrace my loved ones. Isn’t that amazing? It’s enough for me to feel joy, knowing that God does that for me. I’m not too trivial for Him to clean, and if it’s a good-enough job for the God of the universe, it’s certainly a good-enough aspiration for me.


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