Inspired: Kisses from Katie


I have not been paid or encouraged to endorse this book in any way. It is in every way simply a statement of my opinion.

To say that the book Kisses From Katie has radically altered how I see my responsibilities as a Christian would be an understatement. Katie is a gorgeous picture of what someone who is completely given to Christ can do. When others meet her, they don’t have to wonder whether God is real or if God is love. There’s no question: she shines it. In America, we’ve added layers on top of our Christianity. We’ve learned to dress it up and dumb it down to make it look more presentable. Well, here’s the truth: Jesus never asked me to apologize for His truth. And when I try to make His words more palatable, that’s exactly what I’m doing. I convinced myself that, simply because I’m slightly more active than the other mediocre Christians in America, that it means something, that I’m special. Thanks for the slap in the face, Lord. I surely needed it.

Katie is beautiful…not because she’s dressed in the latest fashion, not because she has on perfect make-up, not because she’s done her hair, and not because she works out. She’s beautiful because love pours out of her. She’s beautiful because on any given day you could find her surrounded by faces that have either been touched and cared for, or that are battered, broken, and bleeding. She is showing each and every day what it is to “spend and be spent.”

It doesn’t change that I know I am where God wants me to be. She isn’t any different of a mother simply because her girls are adopted and were once starving and disease-ridden. But I have been convicted about how much God has so richly blessed me, and how I haven’t really done all that much with it. Not even remotely talking about money, although that is one area, but more to the point is my time. She ministers to more people in one day than I probably minister to in a full year. Is there a shortage of needy people in America? Absolutely not. The needs here just look different from the needs there. What am I doing with my days?

Money to me is relative. At first I felt guilty when reading this book about the fact that we are building a house on a nice piece of property, when some of these children can’t go to school because they don’t even have sixty dollars. But then I remember that our house is a gift that God specifically led us into buying, and that He owns the cattle on a thousand hills. God doesn’t need my money. Does He want me to give when He tells me to give? Definitely. We know that this new house is not for our own lusts, but to provide healthy food for our kids, and give them a place to grow up healthy in the outdoors; to provide a haven for missionaries, and any others who can be blessed by it. We know that this house is not only of the Lord, but it IS the Lord’s. I know that if God wanted my husband to go to Africa tomorrow, we would sell it all and go. This is where He has us; this is what He’s given us.

I cannot out-give God, but have I even been trying? I don’t want to be like Katie; I want to be like Christ. She’s just helped Him give me a better picture of what that looks like. I encourage everyone to read this book. To view Katie’s blog, go here: ,  to view her non-profit organization/ministry, go here: .

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