I NEED to Love


It was one of those conversations….you know, the ones you have in your head with yourself. Sometimes my flesh tries to trip me up with my own logic. It went something like this:

“Why should anyone listen to you when you hand them a tract? Why would they bother reading it? You know they’re just gonna toss it on the counter; or if they’re really not in the mood it’ll go straight into the trash.”

“Because everyone at some point thinks about God, right? Why not now?”

“Because Satan’s not going to let them…you know He’s just going to distract them.”

(Believe it or not, I was driving during this conversation in my brain. But don’t worry, I’m a fairly proficient multi-tasker! )

“I know that if I’m walking close enough with the Lord that they’ll be able to see His love shining through me.”

“You think you’ve got a monopoly on that, huh? They’re not going to believe you love them.”

“Why not?”

“Why should you? They’re not going to understand that God loves everybody, and that Christians are supposed to love everybody. And even if they did, they would just say, ‘Well, you’re just trying to love me because you should, or you have to.’”

And THAT is when I believe I struck gold. It was like the shaft of light from on High illuminated every little recess of my mind. No, I don’t love them because I should, or I have to…I love them because I NEED to!!!

Say what? That’s right, I need to love them. I need to love them because it is the only way, if I am truly spending time with God and growing more like Him every day, it is the only way that I can express what is overflowing inside of me. Doesn’t the Bible talk about my cup running over? As I once read something a child wrote, “How can I help from letting bits of God out, when He’s so big and I’m so small?” If I’m truly clinging to my Vine, if I’m truly Spirit-filled, then how can the fruits of the Spirit, i.e. love, help from popping out all over the place? I need to love them and let it out!

need to love them because they’re going to hell. How can that not motivate you? In light of eternity in a lake of fire, telling someone about Christ’s death and resurrection is no longer just a good idea, it’s a necessity. I need to love them, because it’s important. It’s life or death for all of eternity. It’s torture without the remotest idea of time or ending or dying to provide relief.

need to love them because their life could be so much better….even the millionaires and billionaires. It doesn’t matter who they are, without Christ their life is a void of pain and struggle within themselves without relief. Only God can fill their hearts and souls with the peace that passes all understanding. It’s not just about their soul’s eternity, although in the big picture that’s going to be a much more significant part of their existence. It’s about now also. I need to love them because I have the cure. I have the answer to their misery.

The Bible says without love, our efforts are nothing. All of the ministry and all of the door knocking and all of the busy-ness is nothing. Let’s make it worthwhile, shall we?

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