God’s Plan


In my various wanderings around the internet which have been happening frequently this last month due to a surgery that put me on my back, I came across another blog written by a church youth worker that really threw me. I’m not going to mention names or links at all, but this instructor of teens, this teacher of the next generation of God’s warriors, discussed how they didn’t believe that their spouse was their soulmate. They didn’t believe that God made one person for them. Doesn’t sound like that big of a deal, right? How could that be so important? Now I agreed that the Bible doesn’t promise a mate to everyone. But I certainly believe that, if I am to marry, that God not only knew who that person would be, but also had a hand in shaping and creating that person to be my soulmate. I not only believe that to be Biblical, but I also have found it to be so in my own personal experience.

Why is that so important? When reading this blog, there was such a lack of Scripture, and such a lack of faith, that it overwhelmed me. By the time I was done reading it, I was depressed at the idea that this was how many modern-day Christians feel, not just specifically about a future spouse, but about faith in general. This blogger had taken God completely out of the equation, not just in the situation itself, but even the principles and verses from God’s word were left out. And they’re the ones teaching the next generation. I had to remind myself that thankfully God is more powerful even than many Christians portray Him to be. But still I felt that something must be said.

While this in my mind began as a rant, I know that the only way to lay a firm foundation for my case is to use Scripture and provide evidence. Let’s go back to the beginning, Adam and Eve. It wasn’t Adam and Sarah, or Missy, or Tabitha. It was Eve. God made her specifically who she was to be Adam’s wife. I don’t believe she just happened to be the only woman there, so she ended up Adam’s wife. If God was going to make her to be with Adam, why not make her his soulmate? Not good enough for you? Skip ahead a ways to Isaac and Rebekah. The servant sent to find Isaac’s wife prayed for SPECIFIC guidance from God to point out EXACTLY who God wanted him to find for Isaac. One of the things mentioned in the other blog post was the pressure of finding one specific person out of the billions on the planet. Once again, where is God? You don’t have to find that person.

God brings them to you as you are seeking Him and doing His work.

In a general application, how powerful is your God? If you believe that He is able to preserve His Word over thousands of years, how hard could it be for him to guide you through life? Think of all the people that wanted to kill Christ before He got to the cross….and yet He still made it there. If God didn’t have a plan, how could every single prophecy in the Old Testament come true? If God didn’t have a plan, how could He promise that “all things work together for good to them that love God”? Yes, I believe in the free will of choice, but I also believe in a God who knows every single person that ever lived inside and out, and can plan accordingly, because He knows us so well that He already knows what we’re going to choose.

In my own personal experience, I can point to every situation that has occurred with my husband and see God’s guiding hand. Even things that were extremely unpleasant, even hurtful, I can look back on and say that

knowing God was the one who brought us together to begin with was the main reason we kept on going and pulled through.

He is my soulmate, and I can say that unashamedly. He certainly isn’t perfect, and there are definitely things about him that I never thought I would have been happy with had you asked me in high school, but I have found that those are the things that challenge my own faith the most. By all means don’t encourage your girls that they have to marry, or your teens to make up silly lists with things like “knows how to cook” on them (I had to teach myself after I got married). Stick with what is Biblical. But to say that God isn’t capable of making a soulmate for them takes Him completely out of the equation.

Why pray about who you marry if it doesn’t matter? Why seek His face on this decision if one guy is as good as the next?

If God didn’t bring my husband into my life I wouldn’t have the kids I have. How can I teach them that God has an incredible plan for their lives if I don’t believe that God intended for them to exist?

My God is an awesome God. And He already knows the outline of my entire life. And I can only hope when He looks at it, that I was able to magnify His name to the extent that it makes a difference in others’ lives.

While this is a controversial topic, it wasn’t meant to be a controversial post. I don’t wish to argue with anyone or start a debate. If you disagree with me, I pray that you would continue to seek His face and read His word anyway. Ultimately, that’s what matters the most, that He would be glorified.

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