After the Wedding Day


It has been the perfect day. Flowers are festooned everywhere. Young people are dressed exquisitely with shining faces and shining hair. The bride appears ravishing in her costly gown, the groom appears eager for this new phase of his life. The pastor exudes a pleased but unexcited demeanor as this is ‘old-hat’ for him. The joy and happiness can be seen and heard in the tears and the giggles, the lights and the music. Everything about this event lifts the spirit and pumps the heart. It’s exciting. It’s moving. It was seven years ago.

I have just accepted Christ as my Savior. I have finally come to the realization that my life without Him and His precious gift is not something that I want. I commit my soul to His keeping, and trust in His way. The peace overwhelms my heart, and joy bubbles up within my being. But that was thirteen years ago.

If I have not grown in my relationship with my husband; if I cannot think of event after event that have occurred to strengthen the bond between my husband and myself; if I have not increased the love that I feel for him after spending seven years of my life with him, then my marriage is in trouble! So many Christians that I come across continually focus on what Christ did on the cross as if it constitutes the whole of their relationship with Him. Yes, I love Him for what He did for me that day; but every day since I accepted that sacrifice He made for me, I have not only been growing spiritually in my walk with Him, but I can point to actual events that have occurred in which we had direct interaction. Just as I celebrate an anniversary with my husband for our wedding day, I can celebrate my spiritual birthday when I accepted Him as my Savior. But there is so much more to my relationship with my husband; and there is so much more to my relationship with my Savior. Just as I can point to major landmarks in my marriage, such as when we bought our first house, and had our children, and went on a trip to Ireland; so I can also point to major landmarks in my relationship with God, like when He gave me overwhelming peace about attending a specific Bible college, when He led me to my husband, when he fulfilled every prayer we had for our house, when he brought our son through seizures with no physical damage, etc. And just as there are the little fun things on a day-to-day basis with my husband, there are the small details that God uses to let me know that He is ever a part of my day.

My marriage with my husband is SO much more now than it was seven years ago. I wouldn’t go back for the world. My relationship with God is SO much more now than it was the day that I accepted Him as my savior. Is that all that you have that constitutes your relationship to Him? Or can you look at the time that has passed since then and see that your relationship means even more than that? If I married my husband but then never had hardly any interaction with him since, I wouldn’t give two cents for the worth of my marriage. I wouldn’t be able to even trust my husband for anything since he wouldn’t even be someone that I knew.

It is no wonder that so many Christians don’t trust a God that they haven’t tried to get to know since accepting Him as their Savior years ago.

What good is a marriage that is still based on that one wedding day? How do you accept the word of Someone whom you don’t know?

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