How I Healed my Plantar Fasciitis

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Let me tell y’all-

This pain is NO JOKE!

Let me just start by stating that I am not a medical professional and can in no way guarantee that this will work for you outside of my own personal experiences.

So how did I get rid of it? I’ll tell you…

I’m a process of elimination kinda gal. I thought at first that it was because we had moved not long before and now had mostly hardwood floors. So I started wearing cushy shoes around the house. And it worked! …for a little while.

Then I thought, “Well, it only hurts the mornings after I sit on that old couch.” So I started sitting in different places. Nope.

Then I made the connection between working out, and the pain the following day, so I started doing yoga…again, it worked, but only for a little while.

I was getting pretty frustrated. I stopped working out because I didn’t like the pain, but I DON’T WANT TO GET FAT!!! There had to be an answer.

Some of these things were connected to the actual problem…which was pointing my toes.  Whenever my toes were pointed for long periods of time I surmise that the tendon stretching behind the ankle and connecting the muscles in my heel would contract, causing pain once I straightened it back out and tried to walk on those muscles. I removed plantar fasciitis from my life by making sure when I sleep that I’m not sleeping with my toes relaxed down. Instead I now sleep either with my toes pointed straight up, or on my side with my heels down as much as possible but still comfortable. I also try when I sit to do it in a way that keeps my feet flat.

How did these things connect?

When I would sit on the old couch it was typically either ‘Indian-style’ with my toes pointed, or with my legs hanging down, toes pointed (I’m pretty short).

When I would workout, it would exercise and stretch the tendons and muscles, only to follow it up by sitting or sleeping for long periods of time with my toes pointed, which would cause those tendons and muscles to tighten even more.

This also explains to me why one of my friends only gets it after wearing her really tall heels to church on Sundays. It’s because her toes are pointed the whole time.

This worked for me, and I hope it works for you too!

I’ve been pain free for a while now, and hope you can be the same!

  1. I’ve never had this specific problem, but I’ve found that sometimes really simple changes like that can fix a problem.

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  2. That’s so interesting Liz…I probably wouldn’t have put the two together, but it makes sense! I’m so glad you found relief!
    Something that really helped me when I was dealing with that, was rolling the arch of my foot on a tennis ball. My chiropractor recommended it, and it worked! It took a little time to gradually get better, but I haven’t had it come back since!

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  3. Liz – Oh yes, I can attest this is the worst pain ever! No joke….. also all great tips to do and I can say for sure cause I have been in physical therapy for a fractured ankle and it inflamed my heel spur and plantar fasciitis on the other foot – ugh — although they do a treatment called A-stym – which is also extremely painful but I can walk for several days mostly pain free after…. yay – Thanks for linking up with #TuneInThursday last week. Hope to see you tomorrow too.

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