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Hanging on the Hype

I was wringing out some robes I had just washed when through the window a sound, like a murmur, steadily grew to a roar. Children ran by, followed by men walking quickly. Soon even women were leaving their chores, and my good friend Timna poked her head through the opening.

"Make haste, Azubah, make haste! Everyone is going to see the Great Prophet, the one we have heard of!"

Keep It WILD

  I was listening to a favorite singer, but I couldn’t help comparing this song with one of her older ones. It had more polish, but I still preferred the old one best. Why? It had more passion. As we follow Christ and travel the journey, we get bogged in the details. We check off… Continue Reading

When More is Less

I wasn’t planning on doing a follow-up to my post Putting in the Time, but the flip-side of the issue has been flashing itself at me from every direction. Busy, busy, busy….it seems like we jump straight from the holiday rush into our New Year’s resolutions. More and more often I see pins on Pinterest… Continue Reading

Putting in the Time

So I’ve been sitting on this subject in my brain for a while because part of it is found in one of the Bible Study books I’m writing, but I’ve decided that it should have its own individual platform to shine on. The basic idea is this: we aren’t putting in the time. Effort requires… Continue Reading