Love Series 2017. Do you see sinners as God's lost loves? Biblical perspective from Luke 15.

Love Lost

It’s easy sometimes, I find, to grow callous towards those “on the outside”. It’s hard to connect because I’m focusing my energy on my kids (no excuse, I know). But here in Luke, those who wanted to know came to Jesus. Am I drawing them in? Do I have enough of Him shining through? Apparently… Continue Reading

Adjusting my Concept of Greatness. Establishing my value before God in a world that has its own definition of greatness.

Adjusting My Concept of Greatness

  When I was a teenager, I had vague ideas about greatness. I knew that God had a plan for my life, but I always felt like I was destined for something amazing, whatever that happened to be. Since God was going to do something amazing, it stood to reason that of course I would most likely… Continue Reading

The Law Was Made for Love

The whole point of church and ministry is to reach others with the gospel; to meet the needs of a lost and dying world, and to reach out to our family of Christ in love. Don't let your law, and God's law, cause you to lose sight of the purpose behind the law, which is to love.That was never God's intention.

Love that Knows

What do you do, when another church member’s idea of love doesn’t match with your idea of love? I know some of y’all have heard about the book describing the 5 love languages, and that everyone has their own way of feeling loved, but what about when that crosses over into our church relationships? Do… Continue Reading

Love & Grace Collide

It’s so difficult sometimes, isn’t it, when you know that another Christian loves God and others, but they drive you crazy? When you clash on opinions, or standards, or Scriptures, and you know that you should be able to resolve your differences, but the unity gets lost in the mix somewhere? Just as with God, grace… Continue Reading