Adjusting my Concept of Greatness. Establishing my value before God in a world that has its own definition of greatness.

Adjusting My Concept of Greatness

  When I was a teenager, I had vague ideas about greatness. I knew that God had a plan for my life, but I always felt like I was destined for something amazing, whatever that happened to be. Since God was going to do something amazing, it stood to reason that of course I would most likely… Continue Reading

Guest Post. Matthew 19:26.

God Downsizes ~ Guest Post

I recently did a guest post over at –     “It isn’t just that all things are possible to us because we have God. All things are possible because of who He is. He is the One who will do it. He is the One who is capable. Is there a part of… Continue Reading

Trusting In God When Your Child Is Sick

Today I have a guest post over at my friend Jen’s blog-, where I share my story of my oldest boy’s experience with epilepsy and how it changed me. “I share this story because it radically changed my walk with God. During those days of fear and stress and unknown, I couldn’t feel God… Continue Reading

Did You See Judas?

Often we read the story of Judas and tell each other, “Yeah, don’t be like that guy.” But do we really see where he went wrong? This last week I did a guest post over at which they titled “Experiencing the Miracles Around Us”. “Surely Judas must have wanted to join Christ, if he… Continue Reading