Am I teaching my Children to Rely on God? Guest Post

Am I teaching my children to rely on God? Showing kids how to have faith at Guest Post for


I’ve got a guest post going on over at called Teaching Children to Rely on God. I hope you’ll go over and read it!

When you grow up with an unreliable parent, it essentially wires you to not completely trust or rely on anyone. That has been the greatest roadblock to my faith and relationship with God. I keep expecting that God is going to let me down. And while I have come to terms with that for myself, God showed me that I haven’t come to terms with that for my children. I’m afraid to build my child on a faith in God, only to have Him let them down.

I hesitate to encourage them to have true faith in their circumstances and wait on God to answer, because I don’t always believe He will.

But I must… because not only is it right and true, but I want to break the cycle. I don’t want my children to experience how hard it is to truly believe.


Please go read the rest!

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