Warriors of the Word Linkup #6

Warriors of the Word Linkup on plungedeep-climbsteep.com


This week I want to point y’all to Elizabeth’s site over at joyletloose.com. She recently wrote a post called Your Joyful Heart is a Weapon to Fight for Your Joy. My favorite part of the post is how she shows music as an instrument of warfare.



If you are happy, sing your  joy.

When you are suffering, sing your  need.

If you are tempted to sin, sing your  dependence.

When you have sinned, sing your  confession.

If you are weak, sing your  strength.

When you are forgiven, sing your freedom.

She also gives a wonderful graphic showing her essential playlist for a joyful heart. I hope you’ll go read the rest!

God has given us a new song…let’s go out into our week singing it!!!




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Warrior woman. Fantasy fashion idea.


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    • I loved that post EJ! (Can I call you that? Or are you a Liz too?) Even when we sing out of a need for strength, there is just so much victory already ringing through just about any God song that I can’t help getting some glory! out of it! We may be in a fight, but our music just makes it so clear that we’re not going to lose!

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      • EJ is totally perfect! My Mom trained me to stick with Elizabeth, so only a handful of people have ever called me Liz. And you are right: simply opening our mouths to sing to God is victory in itself.


      • Ha! My mom told me to keep it Elisabeth, but when I was in high school my friends started giving me nicknames… and my mom said, “I thought you wanted people to call you Elisabeth.” I looked at her and laughed! “Ummm…no, that was you.” 😂😂😂

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