It’s Okay, Men. God’s Love is For You Too.

It's okay, men. God's love is for you too. Read more on

I recently read a blog post by a man who specializes in Biblical apologetics. He was commending women for what they bring to the table in modern-day theology. Sounds great, right? Actually I found it a bit condescending…like back when girls first started going to college and guys would pat them on the head and say “sure you can come to school with us” as they smugly smiled. I’m not going to link back to his site or tell you his name because I honestly respect this man and what he does. But what bothered me the most is what he said women contribute. He said women bring the aspect and focus of love to the table.

Wow. Really? Last time I read the Bible, it says God is Love. Which means Christianity is Love. The Bible says that the world knows us as Christians by our love. Jesus Himself said in Matthew that the greatest commandment is loving God and the second is loving others; the following verse states that on these two hang all of the law and prophets. Which means that Apologetics itself is about…you guessed it…Love.

That’s not feministic; it’s logical. 

Maybe he meant feelings, right? Well, guess what…Feelings are Biblical too. Various fruits of the Spirit, like joy and peace, are feelings! It’s kind of entertaining to me that only girls are attributed with “mushy,” but guys can have crappy days too. I guess negative feelings are more masculine? Men being passionate about God and His cause are considered heroic; women being passionate about God and His cause, while applauded, might still be considered sappy or sentimental.

It’s a good thing God doesn’t see love the way some of these men do; He could have only died on the cross for women. He could have only given his loving grace for those who could appreciate that it’s the golden thread woven throughout the entire Bible. But to do that would be to deny Himself, because He is Love Incarnate.

So it’s okay, Men. God’s love is for you too.

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Love isn't feministic; it's logical. More than that, it's Biblical. #lovequote #Biblicallove

  1. Well said Liz! The Apostle John was affectionately called the “Apostle of Love” by the early church. It has been about love from the very beginning as Christ issued a new command to love others as He has loved us. My iPad died just as I was finishing a previous comment so I don’t know if it actually made it through. Lol

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    • Yes, He was! And Jesus asked Peter if he loved Him before telling him to feed His sheep. I don’t see any other comments from you 🙂 Thanks for coming by and reading!


  2. Great thoughts! It seems to me that women don’t bring love to the table, as you pointed out. But it’s more natural for us to embrace God’s love. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons God said it was not good that man should be alone. I’m looking forward to your new linkup. Blessings!

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    • Thank you, Donna! I think God knew that everyone should have someone to truly love as the best way to live out His plan for loving in our lives…nothing has shown me how truly selfish I can be and how truly selfless God was and is, like my marriage and parenting! God bless you too!


  3. I wonder if what he was getting at has more to do with vulnerability than love? Regardless, it is a massive generalization. We are all made in the image of Love, so we are equally privileged to receive and extend Christ’s love. How incredible is that?! Thank you for your wise approach to this topic!

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    • He seemed to imply that men are more doctrine and truth oriented, while women are more about love, which I don’t believe is accurate; or rather that truth and love go hand-in-hand and you shouldn’t have the one without the other. The whole thing was rather sad to me! His love AND truth is amazing!


  4. Excellent post and well said. I love how you brought in that God is love and died on the cross for all people. Lol. Men and women bring beautiful dynamics and both are to be appreciated and celebrated. Would make for a more secure world and church 😀

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  5. Yes LIz – absolutely true – it is sometimes down right frustrating the way men think about what women can or do offer the church.. One women leader I respect said some men will look at women in the church as tokens, but then she got real serious and she said – :But women are only tokens if they don’t deliver and do the job called them to do.” Boom. thanks for sharing and linking up this past week at #TuneInThursday – I am commenting a little later than usual due to be gone over the weekend. I hope to see you again this nest week

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