Warriors of the Word Linkup #1

Warriors of the Word Linkup on plungedeep-climbsteep.com

WELCOME to the first Warriors of the Word Linkup!!! I’m so excited to be your host and believe that we’ll be able to encourage others in God’s Word with our posts. We know that His word is

  1. Our ultimate authority for how we live our lives
  2. How God changes us to be more like Christ
  3. What the Holy Spirit uses to help us make godly choices

Each week on Thursday I’m asking you to share your Faith-based or Christian Living posts – they don’t have to be “warrior-ish”, just Biblical; rules are on the graphic below, the only difference is that the grab button is on the Warriors page listed in the menu above instead of on this post. I can’t wait to meet all of you!

This week I’d like to highlight my sister-warrior Jerusha. Her post Preparing for Battle shares her struggle with a chronic illness and how God gives her the strength and armor that she needs to power through! Here’s some excerpts:

“But let’s just pause for a minute – because we need to remember this – we are in a spiritual battle. My battle and your battle might look very different, but they are the same. We are never guaranteed an easy life, so when troubles come like the inevitably will, we need to choose to fight. The devil will try to take a foothold in our lives and cause us to stumble.
I would be wrong if I led you to believe I do this well. I am so far from a perfect warrior. I struggle to fight sometimes, and when I struggle to fight there are casualites. My worst wounds come when I choose to let the comments of people who do not know me slice deep into my heart. People who see my body but do not see my heart. I may have physical imperfections, but far worse are the battle scars my heart has endured…

…Oh, that I could be more prepared. Instead, it is when I am at my worst that I remember my armour. After the words have wounded me. After my heart has been broken. After I feel hopeless, when I feel like I am worthless because the world tells me I am. That’s when I hear that gentle whisper telling me to put my armour on.
See, I already told you I am a lousy warrior – most soldiers put their battle armour on BEFORE the fight. But when I remember, when I hear that quiet voice, that is when I rise. That is when my spirit soars with the truth that I am His.”

Read more at her site! Now linkup, and don’t forget to put your armor on!


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