Hanging on the Hype

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Mark 21:8-11

I was wringing out some robes I had just washed when through the window a sound, like a murmur, steadily grew to a roar. Children ran by, followed by men walking quickly. Soon even women were leaving their chores, and my good friend Timna poked her head through the opening.

“Make haste, Azubah, make haste! Everyone is going to see the Great Prophet, the one we have heard of!”

She was already gone. I hurriedly flung the robes over a rack and brushed my damp hands on the skirt of my robe as I passed through the door. It was not difficult to find the right street. A throng of people lined it, and the buzz grew louder as stories of this great man passed up and down. “I heard that he healed a blind man.” “I heard that he eats with the outcasts!” “Really? Why would he do that?” “Well, I heard that he made a lame man walk.” “Yeah, guess what? I heard that he cast out demons!” This declaration was accompanied by skeptical gasps.

“Here he comes! Here he comes!”

I could feel it, the excitement! Women began casting their coverings in the street; I saw men climbing the trees and throwing down branches to the street as well. The crowd swelled as  he drew closer, and Timna turned to me with a smile as we joined in the cheer that was passing through the masses: “Hosanna! Hosanna to the Son of David!”

Many of the men continued to follow as he rode towards the temple. The children went back to their play, and we women stood in clusters and chatted about what had just happened, reluctant to return to our tasks. Eventually I went back to washing the clothes, casually wondering to myself who that prophet was, that everyone should have been so excited to see him.

She had no idea who He really was.

How about you? I’m not asking if you’ve accepted Jesus as the One who saved you from your sins, although in order to truly know Him that is part of it. But I believe there are plenty of Christians who have accepted Jesus as their Savior, but don’t really know Him. They’re living day-to-day, hanging on the hype.

Truly get to know your God. Don’t hang on to the emotional high that can come from listening to music, or quoting your favorite verse, or attending a stirring service. There’s so much more to Him than that! The Bible says that it is only through the Word of God that we are actively changed from our sinful natures, and able to know God in a deeper, more intimate way.

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  1. Love this. It can definitely be so easy to get caught up in the “hype” and forget to truly give our heart to the Lord. Thanks for this beautiful story and reminder today!

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  2. Knowing Jesus on a daily basis as you’ve described can also involve opening our eyes to wonder and glimpses of His glory in the everyday. It reminds me of these lyrics from Casting Crowns’ song, ‘To Know You’:

    “To know you is to ache for more than ordinary
    To know you is to look beyond the temporary
    To know you is believing that you will be enough”

    Our holy-ordinary moments are saturated with heaven touching earth, even in the midst of the seemingly mundane, just as you depict in your vivid storytelling. Blessed to have stopped by from the #glimpsesofhisbeauty link up today! 🙂

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    • Thank you so much, Joy, for stopping by! I LOVE Casting Crowns…you’re so right; and seeing Him in our everyday moments and knowing Him more, now that’s something we CAN get excited about!

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  3. It is so easy for us to get caught up in hype, though, isn’t it? I mean, I know Him, I really and truly know Him, but, I forget that to continue growing in my relationship, I need to “live” in His Word, daily. It is so easy to let life get in the way. But then, what is life, if we are not living in Him? Thank you for this beautiful reminder!

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  4. Liz, I got drawn into your story! I get your point that there is no difference between ancient crowds going with the flow of emotional excitement and modern ones. Christ and His truth are more than just a feeling, they are reality. They are life, not just a passing fancy.
    Thank you for sharing your perspective here. 🙂

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  5. I loved how you put me in the story – great job!!! Meanwhile, I recently asked my readers the same question, “Do you know this Jesus?” I think we are far too easily swayed by the comings and goings of pop-culture and don’t always take the time we need to to let the truth of Jesus renew and shape us. Thank you for sharing this beautiful perspective!

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