Did You See Judas?

Did You See Judas? 3 Steps taken away from Christ at plungedeep-climbsteep.com

Often we read the story of Judas and tell each other, “Yeah, don’t be like that guy.” But do we really see where he went wrong? This last week I did a guest post over at thelaunchbox.co which they titled “Experiencing the Miracles Around Us”.

“Surely Judas must have wanted to join Christ, if he was willing to simply leave his life to roam about with Jesus and these other men with no actual place to live, relying on this man to take care of him.

He spent three years closely connected with Christ’s earthly ministry, witnessing every miracle, hearing every word, even at one point going with the other disciples in groups of two to preach repentance, cast out devils, and heal the sick, Mark 6:7-13. How is it possible to so actively participate in God’s work and still go astray? I believe there were three main steps that Judas took away from Christ for that to happen.”

To read what those steps are, go check out the post!



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