Loving People who are Hard to Love



I want to refer you guys over to another gal’s post.  It really hit home for me since God’s word for my year was ‘Love’. Her name is Kaitlin Garrison and she writes over at The Barefoot Blog.

My favorite part was this chunk here:

“I am so grateful for those who stuck with me in my stank. Their willingness to love me despite my “hardness” tells me a lot about the God who pushed them to stay.Their actions told me about a God who embraces us in our brokenness when we do everything to keep Him out of it.

That is one of the things I love most about Jesus, He has never been afraid to get messy.”

Check out this link to read her post!

Some posts in my love series are- 2017:Love, Coming Clean: the Ugly Truth, Love & Grace Collide, Love That Knows, and Love Gone Cold.


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