“My kid has what?!” Lessons God Taught Me In Homeschooling


“We pushed through a second month in tears and desperation, and I turned to the Internet. I know it shouldn’t be this hard! He’s so smart… so why is he struggling so much? I thought about my son’s issues and typed in his specific hang-ups—how I’d have to repeat myself three or four times. How he was clearly trying so hard but struggled with remembering even basic alphabet sounds. How he would have a hard time hearing when his brothers were in the room. How I’d tell him to do something and he’d come back and ask me again what I had instructed him to do. There on the screen before my eyes showed up every symptom! The cause?”

To read more, go check out my guest post at iliterallylol.com! Stephanie and I go WAY back- we knew each other in elementary school and found each other again in high school…we’ve been friends ever since! She’s a youth pastor’s wife with a fabulous mom site. Go have a look!




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