Coming Clean: The Ugly Truth



I told you in a previous post that I would explain why the word Love is a peculiar one for God to have me focus on this year. In all honesty, loving is one of the hardest things for me to do. I don’t like sharing that. I know that coldness is not attractive to others. Most don’t like baring their feelings – I don’t like baring my lack of them! I have to make myself care. I have to mentally remind myself to think of others. I thank God every day that love is a choice, more than just a feeling; because if it was a feeling I’d be in trouble. I can count on two hands the people that I actually feel love for.

Most don’t like baring their feelings – I don’t like baring my lack of them!

I am so beyond eternally grateful that God is Love, and that the Holy Spirit has love as one of its fruits….that as I draw nearer to Him and have more of His outpouring on my life, I will have love that is not of myself. This has been my secret. I’ve learned to read and perceive when people need to talk, when people need a hug, when people need help, and I act on it, even though I rarely feel the compassion that correlates to it. But I have found, as I have grown closer to my Jesus, and observed the growth of my heart in the Spirit, that often I will feel the love after I have committed the action, almost like a reward for obedience. Can I tell you…that’s amazing. To feel love after I have acted for love. Why? Because it is so obviously not of myself. When it comes, it is so clearly from Someone else (hmmm…I wonder who?), the Love incarnate. Feeling that other-worldly love fills my soul with joy at how amazing He is and how blessed I am.

…amazing….to feel love after I have acted for love. Why? Because it is so obviously not of myself.

I must choose to act in love towards my God and others if I am to live in obedience to Him, Matthew 22. But how gloriously overwhelming that He takes over and pours the love on through?


  1. Amen! I am so grateful that the love of God is a fact. It’s a truth that we can cling to, and that drives our love. We can love even when we don’t feel like it, because Jesus Christ shed His unconditional incredible love upon us, showed us the love of God when we were yet sinners. ❤

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  2. Oh I can so relate to this. I watch my husband with his servant’s heart all the time giving his time and energy to help anyone when they need it. And I often find myself thinking “I would’ve never thought to have done that.” It makes me feel like a horrible person. But becoming closer to God has truly helped that! You are so right! Having God at the center of your life fixes so many things, if only the whole world knew this! Visiting from Christian Marriage and Motherhood FB group linkup.

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    • I know right? Good, loving people make me feel horrible 😝 Before I got saved I had a hard time not treating people like they were robots 😬 Thanks for coming by, friend! 🎈


  3. I’ve been reflecting a lot about how the love of Christ is suppose to pour out of us, which means we need to first allow his love to fill us, but I forgot about it being a fruit of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes it does take acting first. Thanks for the reminder.

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  4. Your post really touched my heart as I am currently being called to love when I don’t actually feel it yet. So yu words, ” that often I will feel the love after I have committed the action, almost like a reward for obedience.” were si inspiring for me. Thank you!

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  5. I’ve spent years fully comprehending God’s love for me. Most days I don’t think I get it really. It’s overwhelming to think that the same God who created all things loves me. I think that prevents me from showing more love, especially to those I am close to. I love my kids, but I have a hard time voicing it. I do things to show them my affection, much like I do for God to show my affection. It’s a journey I’m still on. Thankful that He keeps reminding me of His love.

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  6. You offer such a candid and important aspect of loving – the choice to love despite feelings. Our culture focuses on following feelings, but I love your example of following Christ and the feelings follow. Thanks for this post!

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  7. Yes! I can so identify with this, Liz! My husband and I were just talking the other day about how amazing it is when someone the Spirit prompts you to act in love for those you have no natural feeling towards- because He fills you with His love for them. Thanks for candidly sharing this!

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  8. Oh my goodness, I can hear my daughter saying just these words. It has been such an eye-opening experience for me raising this girl who loves deeply but shows it so different from myself. We learn so well from each other when we are honest and transparent. I really appreciated your words and they echo things I have told her as we have discussed life together. Thanks for sharing this, for being real. That is an active of choosing to love others , too. 🙂

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  9. The human spirit is so conditioned to look inward more naturally than outward, isn’t it? So glad He loves us enough to be patient with us. Sweet 2017-word. 🙂 — I don’t believe we’ve crossed paths before. Nice to meet you. ((grace))

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