Love & Grace Collide

It’s so difficult sometimes, isn’t it, when you know that another Christian loves God and others, but they drive you crazy? When you clash on opinions, or standards, or Scriptures, and you know that you should be able to resolve your differences, but the unity gets lost in the mix somewhere? Just as with God, grace… Continue Reading

Coming Clean: The Ugly Truth

  I told you in a previous post that I would explain why the word Love is a peculiar one for God to have me focus on this year. In all honesty, loving is one of the hardest things for me to do. I don’t like sharing that. I know that coldness is not attractive… Continue Reading

Keep It WILD

  I was listening to a favorite singer, but I couldn’t help comparing this song with one of her older ones. It had more polish, but I still preferred the old one best. Why? It had more passion. As we follow Christ and travel the journey, we get bogged in the details. We check off… Continue Reading