Come Join Us


On one side, there is a group of people…they stand in clusters, each portion having its similarities, but they are still clumped as a whole and are either fighting with the other clusters or are calling out to the group on the other side. Their call might vary in its address: some might say, “You are sinners, come join us.” Others might say, “We love you, come join us.” Yet more cry out, “They’re both wrong, come join over here.” But they still stay on their side. There might be the few who cross over, who take a hand and gently tug, and say “Come join us.” But the people on the other side say, “I am hungry, will you feed me?” To which the other side replies, “Come join us.” Then the people say, “I am thirsty, will you give me drink?” And again the reply is “Come join us.” They might even yell, “We are dying! Please help!” And the reply doesn’t change: “Come join us.”

joinThere are only a few who go to them with food, water, clothing, medicine, time, or money. It is those few that the other side will actually listen to when they say “Come join us.” I’ve often heard it said, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Jesus not only fed their souls, but in the feeding of the five thousand in Matthew, and again a few chapters later, Jesus fed their bodies as well. Jesus always healed the lame, the blind, the crippled, and the wounded, as well as the sin in their souls. The more I blog, and the more fellow bloggers and church leaders I come across, the more I wonder, “How is the world being so quickly lost?” And the only answer I can see is that we are always together, always lifting up each other, always ministering to our joined needs, and only calling out to the world around us: “Come join us.” More of us need to go. More of us need to love with charity. By definition charity is love performed, acted out. There is a reason in 1 Corinthians 13 that the KJV uses the word ‘charity.’ It is an action.

Why should they join us, when our ‘love’ makes no actual difference in their lives? Why won’t more of us cross to them and help? Why do we focus so much on ministering to the family of God, when they already have the Holy Spirit to help them? When the Pharisees asked why Jesus was eating with publicans and sinners, Jesus responded with “They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous but sinners to repentance.” By all means love on your family of God; but the goal should be lifting each other up to glorify God and share it with the world. Not with words, but action. Let’s get out there and do something about the needs around us. Let’s show them that we love.

  1. I was heavily involved in a summer camp ministry when I was a teen. There was little boy who all the counselors had a love/hate relationship with, because he broke all the rules that he could. One summer we went to the apartment complex where he lived for a backyard bible club. His sister was one of ‘my’ campers (she always sought me out for prayer), so I went to go get them. He answered the door. At first he was confused as to why one of the counselors was at his apartment. When I listed the male counselors’ names, I’ll never forget the look on his face. Jaw hanging loose, he pushed past me to look for himself. When he saw that they were really there, he almost broke into tears. His behavior forever changed at the camps.

    Ministry, at its core, should be meeting needs. Great post!


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