Putting in the Time


So I’ve been sitting on this subject in my brain for a while because part of it is found in one of the Bible Study books I’m writing, but I’ve decided that it should have its own individual platform to shine on. The basic idea is this: we aren’t putting in the time. Effort requires time. Relationship requires time. Skill requires time. There’s a reason why it takes four years to complete college. There’s a reason it takes even longer than that to earn a doctorate, and there’s a reason it takes an entire life’s work before one is considered an expert.

Have you ever studied the amount of time that truly great men of God have spent in their intimate times with God? D.L. Moody would wake up as early as 3 or 4 a.m. so that he might spend 3-4 hours praying and reading his Bible. David Brainerd would spend literally an entire day just praying. And Spurgeon? Well, the closest I could find was that he didn’t have set times for reading his Bible and praying because he practically inhaled God and the Bible all day long. Martin Luther once said “I have so much to do today that I’m going to need to spend three hours in prayer in order to be able to get it all done.” Why does it seem like there are all too few Christians filled with God’s power, even though you can find us on every social media network? Because we aren’t putting in the time needed to change us into the image of Christ and give the Holy Spirit free reign in our souls. So we spend the rest of the day getting in his way. If we’re truly committed to only living for what God has given us to do…why do we so often leave Him out of it? Why is He just along for the ride? I’m not saying you don’t love the time you spend with Him. But why isn’t there more of it?


Photo credit: Foter.com / CC0

We cannot be empowered….we cannot make a significant dent in the darkness…we cannot impart a love that goes above and beyond our own selfishness….we cannot properly teach our children….we cannot be refreshed and quickened for the race and the battle…if we are not putting in the time. Do you desire to be more loving? Spend more time with Love personified. Do you want to be a better soul winner? Spend more time with the One who makes saving souls possible. Are you tired of being angry all the time? It’s difficult to stay angry in the presence of one who not only endured so much more than you ever will, but is also willing to take your cares upon Himself.

God’s power is the only hope for this devastated, deluded place. Why aren’t we tapping in to His raw, unfiltered energy? If we truly believe He answers prayer, why aren’t we spending countless hours on our knees, begging Him for miracles? if we believe He can change lives, why aren’t we spending more time with Him, so that our own lives can shine out just how amazing He is…to the point where people don’t have to dig into us to find the difference?


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