Throw Your Heart Over

In a book that I’ve loved since I was a child, called Gentle Like a Cyclone, there’s a story about a girl and her horse called “Throw Your Heart Over” by Stuart Cloete. It’s the story of this little girl named Helen, who contracts a debilitating disease similar to polio in South Africa where her father used to farm before a drought destroyed their crops. Her doctor recommends that her parents get her a horse to get her interested in something outside and help her recover. Her father’s boss at the car garage helps him buy a horse, and soon they discover that this mare can jump really well. Determined to buy the horse for herself, the little girl enters the horse in jumping contests, winning by incredible odds until she finally earns enough money to do so and gains back the use of her legs in the process.

What stuck with me over the years after reading that story was what the little girl would say to herself before the horse went to jump and she was afraid. She would tell herself, “Throw your heart over, Helen,” because her father’s father had told him when he was a little boy, “Throw your heart over, and you’ll follow it.” I’ve found myself saying that when it comes to everything I fear: relationships, following the dreams God has given me, whatever requires leaps of faith…I find myself saying, “Throw your heart over.”
I believe most Christians won’t throw their heart, their passion, into others because they are afraid of how it will hurt, and don’t realize that God is more than willing to absorb that pain for them. They don’t experience the renewing that God gives when we spend more time with Him. They know that people will disappoint them, and so they won’t take the risk, even though God is more than able to give all of the comfort, quickening, and refreshment that they could possibly need. (I’ve written a post on my previous blog that addresses that here.) Spend more time with the source of rest, peace, joy, and life, love, and passion itself.

Most will not throw their heart over because they don’t know or trust the One catching it. My boys love to have their Daddy toss them in the air. But I gotta be honest, I wouldn’t trust anyone else to throw up my kids. Why? Because I don’t believe anyone can value my children as much as my husband and I do…because they’re ours. Do you believe God doesn’t value your heart as much as you do? He’s only the One that gave it to you. He’s only the one who has amazing plans for you, if you’ll let Him.You will not confidently, whole-heartedly trust your heart, dreams, passions to someone you don’t know. The more time you spend with Him prayer and His word, the more willing you’ll be to throw your heart over…to love Him with your all, and then love others. Throw your whole heart over; hold nothing back. The Christian life was never intended to be something to dabble in, and yet it seems most Christians do just that. He’s worth it all.



  1. Liz, what a great story and application! I have found myself trying to guard my heart through the years after having been hurt and it truly hinders living out the gospel. Your answer is spot on. Go to Him to heal the hurts and keep going. Relating to your website name- plunge deep, climb steep. Great insight here Liz! Thank you for sharing it:)

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