His Love is Loud.


                  Vulnerable. That’s what writing feels like to me. Putting myself out there for rejection, for criticism, and for attacks from men’s flesh and Satan. Is that really what I want? No. I am most certainly an introvert who would rather remain in anonymity. But that is not what God has gifted me to do. Besides writing, I’m also an artist and musician. These are gifts of expression. Wherever God’s love is to be known, it must be expressed. Anonymity cannot coincide with God’s commandment to love the world. And so I am grateful for the armor of God. When that armor is discussed and taught in church, we hardly ever focus on what that armor is covering: our own frailty. I am so thankful that He covers my weakness. There will be food and fuel for the critics, because I am human and I will fail. But that which is true and pure, that which is of my Father, will withstand testing. I invite you to read my work, not because I have something novel to say, but because we could all use encouragement to love God more; to seek him with our all; to want Him the way He deserves to be desired. God not only speaks to us in a still, small voice. He practically shouts it from every sunrise, sunset, flower, and galaxy. He’s amazing. Let me tell you more.
Photo credit: Christopher Combe Photography via Foter.com / CC BY

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